Saturday, April 23, 2011

Zona Tortona 2011: lights, wonderlands and knotty bubbles with further explores Zona Tortona at Salone del Mobile 2011. With lighting the feature of this year's market, Emma Elizabeth visits the wonderland of the Foscarini exhibition.
After a quick flick through Elle Decor Italia's beautiful retrospective of the last 50 years, Emma finds her favourite chair of the market so far, the 'Gladis love seat' from Aqua Creations. The breathtaking Toshiba installation is a potent mix of LED lights, water and space and feels like a fairytale. Also see the Cassina ice enclosed sofa and shelving heaven. Finally an interview with Jason Miller of Roll and Hill as he introduces us to the extraordinary, hand-blown 'endless tubular' lighting and 'knotty bubbles'.

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